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Work from home style advice for men

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How to walk the line between relaxed and polished in your home office.

If you’re new to working from home, you may be looking forward to all the perks telecommuting brings. Chief among them may be having more control over what you wear. Not having to go into the office means you have more freedom (and comfort) with your fashion.

Nevertheless, it’s still important you dress to impress. Why? First, your wardrobe can impact your psychology. Getting dressed for work can make you more focused and productive, even if your desk is your kitchen table. Also, you want to be mindful of how you show up on video conferencing calls and make sure to put your best foot forward.

Every guy’s closet should contain a few well-made pieces that help him look professional and polished. Here are a few wardrobe essentials to keep in mind as you build your work-from-home wardrobe.


The way you show up on video-conferencing calls is indeed important and reflects your mindfulness and professional integrity. Your work-from-home wardrobe should contain a few essential pieces which will not compromise your professionalism and finesse, while elevating your comfort and mood at the same time.

Stylist Suggestion :

Do not cash in on the opportunity of working remotely from home. Take some time between waking up and preparing for your regime. Take a shower, brush your hair and groom your beard. It is important that you appear camera ready for those important video-conferencing calls.

Even if your work-station is your breakfast table, you should remember that you are still working on the clock. Therefore it is important to dress professionally in order to separate your working life from your personal.

Here are a few style upgrades to your work-from-home wardrobe that you should be keeping in mind while working remotely.

  1. Go for tailored shirts :

You can choose to get rid of your staple suit if you are not fronting clients on a regular basis. Staying comfortable in business casuals could be your style mantra. Baggy clothes will indeed give the impression that you have just rolled out of your bed. Therefore, go for tailored shirts. Short-sleeved Oxfords or Chambrays could do the trick. Pinching your shirt fabric on either side of the stomach will render a fitted look and make you look smart in these garments.

   2.Aim for solid colors :

You could already be feeling the summer stench. Therefore, it is time to toss out your graphic tees and intricate patterns and put them in your drawers. Try wearing solid colors. They automatically render a polished and professional look while not compromising on your style or comfort. All in all, ditching your suit and the tie and opting for smart casuals will indeed feel relaxing!

   3.Swap your blazer for a cardigan :

One of the thumb rules of work-from-home fashion is not downplaying on the formality while enjoying the comforts of your home. Even though you were accustomed to wearing suits, coats and blazers to your workplace, you could ditch all of that and go for knitwear instead. A cardigan is softer and allows your skin to breathe properly. Layer it over your shirt and keep it unbuttoned for a more relaxed feel. You can also allow yourself a few concessions like chinos and sneakers or loafers instead of wool pants and oxfords while you are working during the colder months.


    4.Go for the short suit :


Though this has been raising quite a lot of eyebrows from fashionistas, you need to prioritise your comfort while keeping things necessarily formal. Indeed a more progressive work culture is required to allow you to work in this attire, but toiling in summer would actually be unimaginable if you could not tweak things to your liking. Going for tailored shorts which are not skin tight would fit the bill, while you structure the rest of yourself with linen or lighter cotton shirts and a suit that fits your profile.

     5.Jeans are always right :

Working from home could never go wrong with your staple black and blue denims. They work well with your tailored shirts, cardigans and even solid colored tees. So, slip in your jeans whenever you feel the need to ditch your structured chinos or your slapdash sweatpants.

      6.Sneakers will raise your style quotient :

Sneakers are versatile and comfortable. They will allow you to switch from your lounging mode to work mode real quick and will go effortlessly well with jeans, shorts, chinos or even athleisure. You can ditch your derby and oxford and try out rubber or leather sneakers in vibrant shades to grant yourself a clean and minimalist look. Get hold of your fashionable sneakers and put them on !

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