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Women’s floral outfit ideas to try this summer

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With the arrival of the warmer weather, you are becoming all set to bask in that Summer sun. But be ready to plan your summer wardrobe very carefully. You might have to overhaul or refurbish your wardrobe totally for the new season.


It is not easy to plan your ensemble day after day when the mercury is gradually spiking from May  to August. That is why you could just take the easy way out to amp up your style game with minimum effort while relying heavily on comfort.

Floral outfits – Your best shot this summer :

If there is one outfit that speaks, rather screams summer, more than any other, then it has to be a floral outfit. The floral outfits are a quintessential wardrobe hack for your entire summer season. The chic floral designs not only elevate your style and sense of fashion, but are also comfortable. Floral outfits add an air of effortlessness and flair to your panache.

A stylish dress with a floral pattern could be your most reliable bet this summer. Pairing it with neutral accessories is the key to highlight your style. Even if you have to be out in the sun for hours, the floral outfits will keep you cool and would not get you overheated. Moreover, the outfits transition perfectly from day to night.

If you are fumbling for originality with the way you carry your florals, then let us remind you that these outfits go really well with a range of wardrobe staples like denim jackets, flip flops and the like. If the summer heat is the major concern while you tackle your style and flamboyance, then floral outfits could be the must-have items that you would need to add to your closet right away.

Floral outfit ideas that you may try :

If you are puzzled about how to wear your florals this summer and are searching for some well-needed inspiration, we have you covered. Check out these gorgeous ways to drape your florals and carry yourself with ease, while not compromising on your comfort.

  • Floral tank top : A black tank top with floral prints is not only feminine, but it can also look effortlessly sexy. Pairing it with black mid-rise skinnies could channelise your summer diva look without any effort. Adding a pair of platform heeled sandals and sunglasses in neutral shades will complement your style.

You can also go for an abstract printed floral v-neck tank top if you want to add a bit more oomph   to your summer style. Pairing it with a black pleated mini skirt and black leather sandals will do a lot    of talking on your part.

  • Floral wrap skirt : Nothing slays better than a floral wrap skirt. You can jazz up this comfort-wear with a plain white tee with a pair of white-framed sunglasses and you are ready to give out that summer vibe.
  • High-waisted floral pants : If you are in the mood to give out that 70’s vibe this summer, you can try this out. Pairing these high-waisted floral pants with a solid colored denim bra and high-heeled blush pointed pumps could do the trick for you. A solid colored clutch and a pair of sunglasses in contrasting shades would accentuate your 70’s looks to the core.
  • Flowy floral dress : A flowy floral dress can be your most go-to wardrobe decisions this summer. A flowy floral dress allows you to easily channelise a number of vibes while keeping your style meter ticking. For starters, you can accessorise a flowy floral dress with chunky sandals and you are ready to rock that poolside look.

For others, you can make a flowy floral dress into a modern top. For this, you need to secure only a few buttons and layer it with a black or a brown pant underneath. You can also complement this look by adding a pair of pointed pumps in the same color family as your pants.

  • Floral printed trousers : Floral printed trousers are the best bet to make you look trendy while maximising your comfort this summer. You can add a neutral colored tank top and round off your style game by adding a pair of blush peep-toe block heel mules.

  • Floral frocks : Are you up for portraying that wild, bohemian girl side of yours ? If yes, then go for a long sleeve floral frock in a light color. Add a little more fluff by going for ankle boots and a handbag in the same color pattern, preferably bright and vibrant.

  • Floral skirts : A floral skirt can be one of your most preferred go-to ensembles this summer. Not only do they look classy, but they give out that gorgeous feminine vibe like no other. You can pair them with a large number of wardrobe essentials and still never go wrong with your style vibes.

Going for a buttoned tank top with a micro printed floral midi skirt and adding a white fedora hat and white trainers will be definitely a smart choice for you.

A floral print pencil knee-length skirt will be a striking combo with a black sleeveless tank top and black oversized shades.

A multicolored floral skirt will again look fresh and bright when you pair it with a striped tank top and radiant clutch, belt, sunglass and high-heeled sandals in contrasting shades.

  • Floral overalls : You can pair a black floral overall dress with an off-white t-shirt. Add a trendy rucksack and pastel slip-ons to rock this look. You can also go for a slouchy denim jacket in blue to give out that girl next-door look.

A floral outfit could be your go-anywhere wear this summer if you are ticking in the right boxes to keep your style quotient brimming. At Drapefit, our personal clothing stylists take care of your style by doing extensive research on your tastes, body shape and image preference. Thus, you will never go out of style even in these hot summer months !

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