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Shorts are overrated! Sign up to Summer Pants

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Are you bored with conventional summer fashion?

Switch to super comfortable pants, high waist bottoms, and light-colored dresses. Pale palettes, flowy designs, a multitude of patterns, and relaxed clothing for a perfect summer party. This summer, make your style an extension of your personality.


Capris, pedal pushers, clam-diggers—these are perfect for a casual outing. The straight frame gives your length and a chance to look smarter with cute. A tucked-in top with a belt can make this a perfect combination. Also, a Capri always allows you to flaunt your footwear. Pair this with loafers or casual slippers to get a chic look.


It’s a perfect blend of classy with coolness. This smart 90’s rebound trousers with silk blouse can dazzle your look. These can be paired with a pair of chunky sneakers and big dangling earrings and a messy bun. It can be mixed with casual tees, silk blouses, and formal shirts.
Add funky glasses to ace the look. This one is a perfect combo for casual and formal events.


The floral pants are perfect for a summer evening!
These can be paired up with Tees, and small button gold earrings are all you need to ace the look. Wedges and high heels can be added to the watch to give length to your toes slightly. It’s a style in comfort kind of trouser perfect for a cozy summer evening.


Super comfy star silhouette to rock every summer party (Hollywood icon, Katharine Hepburn’s signature silhouette).
Pair this one with block heels or sandals to get a pop star look. Add chunky accessories and shiny dangling earrings. Open your hair, curl up or straighten up. You can also add cool glasses to glace the look. More power to the Rock star in you!

The cool cowboy pants for corporate!

This is a classy pants for office wear. Gauchos take their inspiration from the pants worn by South American gauchos (cowboys!). High waisted pants to give you a perfect retro look. When we told you it’s a cowboy pant, which might sound a little awkward. Believe me, when you pair it up half-tucked formals, this one will surely make you look, diva!


White is classy, sober, and chic. Boho loose slim pants are perfect for casual and formal occasions. A fit silk shirt or a tee can make you look like an absolute killer. Open your curls or move to work in a smart bun. It can also be paired with a denim jacket to complete the look. Put light makeup and light accessories to shine on a bright sunny day.


Do you feel like sometimes breathing, keeping the pressure to focus on style aside? If yes, then these joggers are just made for you. Move out in fashion and rise above the popular summer theme. Pair it up with a cool Tee and keep going as you own it. These are quintessential casual combos: relaxed, yet fitted.

Shorts are overrated in summer, sign up to a new trend and get into these cool summer pants to walk like a diva!

Need More Styles in Summer Pants Ask Your Drape Fit Stylist.

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