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Perfect Work Wear For Every Office

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Look Sharp And Spike The Office Wear With Simple Guide

Learn to manage your office wardrobe with easy and simple guidelines. Balance your office outfits by removing all the confusion related to workwear. When it comes to office wear, there is a certain way people want you to get dressed.

Learn The Tricks For Formal, Business Casual Attires

What Is Business Casual Attire?

It doesn’t mean wearing casual outfits, but to carry a professional image while wearing a casual outfit. Khaki and navy are the most popular colors for office outfits. Combine it with a collared shirt and shoes, and it is good enough to give a professional look. You can complete the look, even with a sweater vest, cardigan, or blazer. A knitted jacket will always make a formal garment more casual.


A pair of solid grey, navy, or even charcoal dress pants, whether pleated or flat front are an excellent choice for business casual wear. Chinos/ Khakis is perfect for the office environment, whereas Corduroy pants are best in the colder season. With a contrasting blazer, your office look gets heightened.

Tip# Well fitted, no creases, no crazy patterns


It depends on your workplace, as jeans are not considered as an office-appropriate outfit. If you have the denim, stick to a solid, dark wash, go ahead and complete the look with blue suede, loafers, driving mocs, or spectators.

Collared Shirt

Select a cotton dress shirt in light blue or pastel colors; keep the top button undone for a more casual look. A tie kept in your office drawer and a blazer thrown over the top is perfect for a last-minute meeting. You can also try subtle patterns like gingham or pinstripes.

Tip#Go for slim fit, regular fit, and relaxed fit as per your body type.


Skip sneakers and tennis shoes and select from a wide range of classic shoes in various materials such as leather, suede, and fabric. Depending on the meeting location and weather, you may also be able to get away with a dress boot, which is more casual.

The Best Casual Office Formula

Startups are generally much more relaxed than traditional jobs. There are no strict dress codes as people often can wear whatever they want, especially in a tech-related environment.


While most startups’ t-shirts are just perfect, a nice trim cut polo shirt looks much smarter. Sweaters are perfectly acceptable and whereas neckwear is not in fashion.


Wearing denim is acceptable at most startups. Try wearing a sports coat with jeans for a more polished casual look. Don’t go for cargo shorts or seersuckers as people will still be judging you.


A beautiful pair of boots or shoes will always make you look more dapper than wearing sneakers. Be playful and wear stone, red, green or blue suede, loafers, slip-on, etc. Be careful; a wrong shoe choice can damage your entire look.

A Perfect Office Formula

If you are in a service industry where interaction with the public is more, then you need to have a detailed look for your formal collection. A perfect combination of collared shirt, tie, and pants can make you look distinguished at any given time.

The Suit

There are times when you are expected to wear a suit to work, and sometimes you don’t wear a suit to work, but still, you have to look professional.Having a suit helps during meetings, presentations, etc. A suit gives you the most professional look, even if you leave the tie.

Tricks To Learn

  • A suit is right out, but a casual jacket or sport coat is usually acceptable and unusual. A well-fitted jacket is exceptionally flattering, providing a tapered, proportional shape to the body.
  • A single-breasted suit is classic and iconic with a comfortable fit.
  • A three-piece suit is a perfect choice when you are in front of upper management. With an ideal selection of outfits, you can’t go unnoticed.


Have a variety of formal shirts, add more pastel shades in your wardrobe. Checks and strips keep it minimal. Be aware that button-down collars are the least formal of styles. A neatly pressed collar gives your appearance a crispness.


To dress business casuals, you can play around with various patterns and colors, or even opt for a knitted tie. Neckwear is entirely optional, but it certainly elevates your outfit.


For an office setting, make sure your shoes should be the same color as your belt. Your socks need to match with the color of your trousers. Regular polishing will keep your shoes from looking scuffed or faded. Get a pair of laces shoes in black and brown to wear with any color of your pants.

Accessories In Your Wardrobe

Accessories are equally essential in any men’s fashion wardrobe if you want to make your fashion style noticed. It is a great way to distinguish yourself from the rest. Tie, pocket square, collar pin, casual wristwatch, belt, dress watch, cufflinks enhances your overall look. Classic leather bags are better to carry then backpacks.

Do’s And Dont’s

  • Do wear dress shirts, sweaters, tailored jacket.
  • Don’t wear sneakers, jeans, and tees.
  • Do wear a tie with a tailored jacket.
  • Do wear pants/chinos.
  • Don’t wear slippers, sandals, and shorts.
  • Don’t wear loud patterns.
  • Clothes should fit you properly.

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